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“Terrific Tippecanoe County” Resources

Grades 9-12

DIGGING DEEPER for high-level thinking…
Amelia Earhart is a treasure of Purdue University.  She became an American icon as the first woman to successfully complete a trans-Atlantic flight after Charles Lindbergh.  In her attempt to circumnavigate the globe she and her navigator disappeared in one of the most captivating historical mysteries of all time.  Learn more about Amelia Earhart, and identify reasons for her renowned historic significance.  

Writers are often most effective when they write about things they know.  George Barr McCutcheon is a Hoosier author born in Lafayette, Indiana who longed to be a playwright, but was most successful with his novels.  Review the information about McCutcheon, and his popular novel:  The Sherrods.  How does the novel coincide with the life experience of the author?  

In many episodes of “Savor Indiana,” we see how rivers can shape communities.  Lafayette / West Lafayette is a perfect example of ways that people use these rich resources to establish great places to live.  Look at the information on the Wabash River, and then identify any significant water resources within your community.  How do these resources affect you?
CORE CONNECTIONS for Extended Learning…
LANGUAGE ARTS: Check out the local scenes in the artwork by Aldis Knight at the Artists’ Own Gallery in Lafayette.  Take a picture or create your own illustration of something in your neighborhood or your back yard that catches your eye.  Write a poem or descriptive paragraph that will fully embellish your artwork.  Feel free to send successful projects online (include name & address of artist) to We will share the best 5 examples with the Indiana Humanities Council!

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Tecumseh was a great Shawnee chief who united many tribes in an attempt to hold onto the land when white settlers began to move in.  The U.S. government eventually forced the Shawnee and other tribes into new areas.  Try to think of some ways that the settlers and the Indians could have worked together to make the most of the land and its resources.

SCIENCE: Historic Prophetstown is also a working farm that offers a wide range of products in addition to its Agritourism attractions. Learn more about the Belgian Draft Horses and identify the ways that horse farming is efficient as well as green!
MATHEMATICS: Take a close look at the map of the Purdue University campus.  Estimate how many miles you would walk to get to the parking garage on McCutcheon Drive (PGMD) if you have lunch at the food court in the Purdue Memorial Union (PMU).

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