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DIGGING DEEPER for high-level thinking…
ARTIFACTS…  What types of artwork do you like best?  Jason Emmons, an Indiana Artisan, carves huge pieces of wood into custom sculptures.  Are there any Indiana Artisans in your county?  Try following the steps to make your own soap carving!  We’d love to post photos of your sculpture on our E-Billboard.
HEALTHY HOOSIERS = Indiana’s future…
GET MOVING!… Outdoor winter activities can be such good exercise and time for family fun!  Who knew we could go snow skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing right at home in Indiana?  You can find the answers on how to get started at these helpful websites:
CORE CONNECTIONS for Extended Learning…
LANGUAGE ARTS: Larry Bird, Orange County native, has made basketball history, and has authored three books about his passion for the sport.  Click on the picture of the book cover at the link below to read the first few pages of his autobiography called:  Drive.  What early experiences in Indiana seem most significant in his career development?  How does life as a Hoosier affect you?

SOCIAL STUDIES: The traveling circus has been a significant piece of Indiana history.  Ed Ballard, the original owner of West Baden Resort, was also a partner in five traveling circus companies that eventually sold to Ringling Bros./Barnum & Bailey (The Greatest Show on Earth).  Why was the circus once so popular, and why has the circus lost much of its former glory in the world of entertainment? (American Circus Corporation history) (Ringling homepage)

SCIENCE: Big Splash Adventure uses a new type of water filter called the ‘Defender’.  They also use ultraviolet light to purify the water, so fewer chemicals are needed to keep it safe and clean.  How is the water in your community kept clean for daily use?
MATHEMATICS: The Junior carts at French Lick West Baden Indoor Karting can reach speeds of 20 mph and the track is 1250 feet long.  How many laps would you have to complete to go two miles?