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“Surprising Seymour!” Resources

Grades K-2

ARTIFACTS…  Have you found a way to show how you think and feel through art, dance or music?  Which kinds of art do you like best – painting?  Drawing?  Sculpture or pottery?  Kids of all ages create wonderful artwork, including Junior Federal Duck Stamp entries at the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts in Seymour, IN.  Take a look at the cool artwork done by young people in the Junior Duck Stamp Program!  Where can you take art classes in your community? (Southern Indiana Center for the Arts) (Jr Federal Duck Stamps) (Indiana Arts organization)
HEALTHY HOOSIERS = Indiana’s future…
GET MOVING!…  You can have fun and feel better by going for walks with your family.  Where are the great walking or hiking trails near you?  Check this website for the answer…  
CORE CONNECTIONS for Extended Learning…
LANGUAGE ARTS:  John Mellencamp is a famous rock singer from Seymour, Indiana.  When a singer writes words for a song, they are like a poem and are called ‘lyrics’.  Have some fun writing some poetry of your own with this shape poetry activity.        
SOCIAL STUDIES:  Look closely at the map of Jackson County.  Trace the border with your finger.  Were all of the borders for the county drawn by people, or is there a natural border also?  Can you find your home county on the historic Indiana map?
SCIENCE:  Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is nearly 8000 acres of natural beauty located near Seymour, Indiana.  Why do the birds need places like this when they are traveling?  Why do some birds travel or ‘migrate’? (Federal conservation resources)  (National Wildlife Refuge System) (Homepage Muscatatuck) (Education @ Muscatatuck Refuge)

MATHEMATICS:  On the BEVERAGES (page 5) menu at Larrison’s Diner, you can have a large soft drink from FOUNTAIN DRINKS for $1.69 or a bottled soft drink for $1.45.  If you are feeling very thirsty, could the large fountain drink be the best deal, even with a higher price?  Why?

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