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“Breathtaking Bartholomew County” Resources

Grades 6-8

DIGGING DEEPER for high-level thinking…
ZAHARAKO’S… in downtown Columbus, IN is an incredible example of painstaking restoration work.  The crowning touch is a 1908 Welte orchestrion, an automated musical instrument that is a combination of calliope and player piano.  All around Indiana we see old buildings and monuments restored, despite the cost when compared to new construction.  Why do people go to such extremes to save artifacts from the past?

J. IRWIN MILLER… was a successful business executive (Cummins Engine), but also was a visionary, inspiring a unique architectural movement in Columbus, Indiana.  The architectural designs of luminaries like Eliel and Eero Saarinen, I.M. Pei, and Richard Meier are among the modern architectural treasures that have been built since the latter half of the 20th century in this beautiful city.  Read the article published in the New York Times at the death of Miller at 95 years old.  Write a summary of the life of J. Irwin Miller in the first person, including his reasons for the drive to modernize Columbus.  
CORE CONNECTIONS for Extended Learning…
LANGUAGE ARTS:  Tim Grimm is an accomplished actor and lyricist from Columbus, IN.  View the video he made for the Columbus Visitors’ Center and take a look at his lyrics.  Try to identify a theme.  Write a poem or song lyrics that follow a theme of your life and community.  Share your results with us @!     
SOCIAL STUDIES:    Architecture incorporates art, science and math into buildings that serve public, business and religious organizations in Columbus, IN.  View projects by these important architects.  Do the buildings make you think of their purpose, like books in the Cleo Public Library design?  What geometric shapes do you see at work?  
I.M. Pei:  
Cleo Public Library (Columbus, IN)
Louvre Museum (Paris, France)
Eero Saarinen:
North Christian Church, Columbus, IN
Dulles International Airport, Virginia
Richard Meier:
Clifty Creek Elementary School (Columbus, IN)
Museum for the Decorative Arts (Frankfort, Germany)

SCIENCE:  “Not Just Popcorn” in Edinburgh, IN offers great flavors, but learn more about how popcorn actually works, and how it is produced.  How much more pressure does the corn kernel hold inside when compared to the car tire before it finally explodes?  Is starch good for you?

MATHEMATICS:  Cummins Engine is a $6 billion industry producing diesel engines in Columbus, IN.  The founder, Clessie Cummins, began as the chauffer and mechanic to the wealthy Irwin banking family.  One of Clessie’s early engines was fitted into Mr. Irwin’s 1926 Packard, and in 1938 Clessie drove it to the auto show in New York City from Columbus, IN (about 600 miles) for a 30-gallon fuel cost of $1.38!  What was the price per gallon?     

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